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[Lady Fox / Top K pop Star] Shinee

SHINee (SHINee) Jonghyun, Minho, Taemin, Onew, Key, and a man of high school students consisting of five persons, contemporary band.

Contemporary band music, dance, and fashion from all parts fit in the current era, present trends and leading the team to refer to the future, that 'SHINee' Contemporary bands like the title of the trendy music of their own, as well as prehistoric. especially in dance and fashion will showcase contemporary look.

In addition, the group name 'SHINee (SHINee)' nominal ending, 'Shine', 'ee' as a neologism created by combining recipients 'light' is interpreted. It is always the means to pursue a variety of music, light, spotlight recipients (three or regions) in the country, regardless of spirited 'SHINee (SHINee) bring a wide range of music fans fascinated by layers of aspirations captured.

Onew  singer, musical actorBirth: December 14, 1989
Age: 25 years old (23 years old)
Gender: Male
Real name: Lee Jin Gi
Constellation: Sagittarius
Member of SHINee
SM Entertainment
debuted in 2008, released an EP [Noona is so pretty (Replay)]
Works: 4 TV Channels
Overnight Variety nocturnal (MC)
Shinee Hellow Baby
Shinee's Yeonhanam
Show! Music Core
16 Album

1 Book
'Children of the Sun'

Musical 2010 Brothers Were Brave
Musical 2010 2010 Rock of Ages
Lyrics SHINee - Your Name
Featuring 2009 SNSD - One year after

Jonghyun (Jong Hyun Kim)  singer
April 8, 1990
Age 24 years
Gender: Male
Real Name Jong Hyun Kim
Constellation Aries
Blood Type AB
Group member: SHINee, SM The Ballad SM Entertainment
Debut: SHINee EP album 2008 [Noonan toopretty (Replay)]
Hobby: watching movies, singing skills, lyricist, Chinese
 Works: 2 TV Channel
Enduring masterpieces
Shinee Hellow Baby
Shinee's Yeonhanam
18 Album (1 of them OST of a Soap Drama, 1 of them is with SMEntertainment)
Featuring 2008  SHINee - Juliette SHINee
Lyrics 2010 curse Timeless Love Goes Astray - once

Key (Gi - Bum) singer
Born in September 23, 1991 (Daegu, Rep of Korea) 
Age 23 years 
Gender: Male
Real Name: Gi - Bum
Constellation Virgo
Group Member of SHINee SM Entertainment
Debuted in 2008 SHINee EP album [Noona is so pretty (Replay)]
Hobby: rap, dance, water skiing skills in English, Chinese
Works: 4 TV Channel
Beauty Sam 's Idol grow
Shinee Hellow Baby
Hotties era now
Shinee's Yeonhanam
17 Album (1 is his own)
1 Book
'Children of the Sun'
Featuring 2010 SNSD - Martian virus
Featuring 2010 TraX healing Wrap
Featuring 2009 Xiah - XIAHTIC

Minho (Choeminho) singer
Birth 1991. 12. 9 
Age 23 years 
Gender Male
Real name Choeminho
Constellation Sagittarius 
Group Member of SHINee SM Entertainment SHINee
Debut in 2008 with the album [Noona is so pretty (Replay)]
Hobby football, basketball skills
Awards: 2012 SBS Drama Awards News tasang
2010 SBS Entertainment Awards tasang entertainment news
Works: Tv Channel
100 out of 1000
KBS Dram Special - Pianoist
Shinee Hellow Bab
Start! DreamTeam Season 2
Shinee's Yeonhanam
Show! Music Core
2 Soap Drama
lamander guru and the shadows manipulating
Beautiful to you
 16 Album
1 Music Video :  SNSD - Gee
Other Works
2011.05 Women's Ministry of Youth ambassador
2010.06, Konkuk University ambassador
2008 09 S / S Seoul Collection riverbed catwalk model
9th 2008 celebrates the World Knowledge Forum Andre Kim Fashion Show Model
08/09 F / W presentation other forte Busan riverbed one hundred catwalk model
08/09 F / W Seoul Collection riverbed catwalk model

Taemin (Lee Tae Min) singer
Birth 1993 07 18,
Age 21
Gender Male
Real Name Lee Tae Min
Constellation Cancer
Member Group SHINee SM Entertainment
Debuted in 2008 SHINee EP album [Noona is so pretty (Replay)]
Hobbies listening to music, Pop pin dance skills, Chinese, piano
 Works: 2 Tv Channels
Shinee Hellow Baby
Shinee's Yeonhanam
1 Soap Drama
Tae Hye Kyo Ji
16 Album
1 Book
'Children of the Sun'
1 Animation Voice Actor
'The Outbakc 2012'

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