Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sensai Sponge Chief by Kanebo

The SENSAI Sponge Chief by Kanebo International comes in a resealable plastic envelope.
Unfortunately this photo is not clear enough to read the instructions on the reverse side, so here they are:
SENSAI Sponge Chief
for Make-up Removal
The ecological and hygienic solution for quick, deep, yet gentle removal of cleansing products and facial masks.  To use, simply moisten with water and wipe the face.  After use, wash with soap and water.  Allow to dry in open air; towel will harden, but immersion in water will give it back its soft and silky touch.  Use the convenient case, when travelling.
It is remarkably soft to the touch and so gentle on your skin.  For maximum cleansing strength I recommend the Revival Hand & Nail Cleanser by ASK Cosmetics Inc. of Canada.
Gentle enough for a baby's bottom, yet strong enough to get rid the worst grease and grime on a mechanic's hands!
Have you ever heard or used products by Kanebo International before?
Thanks for stopping by.  Til tomorrow, Lisa M.

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