Friday, February 8, 2013

[Korean Cosmetic Makeuup Blog/ It's Skin] It's Skin's Cleansing Oil

There is no simpler cleanser like cleansing oil, and yet just because it's cleansing oil doesn't mean it's all like other cleansing oil. Many think that cleansing oil is only for nutrition your skin and not cleansing off makeup and face.

Simple oils in cleansing could successfully melt your makeup but could age your skin because it has Mineral Oil which is harmful to your skin care.

Mineral oil is what you call car gas oil's dump, because it is a cheap oil many use it to make makeup these oils block your mole's air holes and cause skin problems

So today I'll introduce you a product that is a Cleansing oil but has the golden star when it comes to ingredients and of course no Mineral oil.

I love their ingredient it has all the expectation of skin moisturizing and neutralizing.
One way of checking whether they put their budget on the product itself of the design and packaging is by just looking at it's appearance. They took out all the dyies and and Antiseptic that always cause your skin dry after you wash it off. So it is excellent to all dry skin or sensitive skins(like mine :"( )
So the interesting thing you will notice is at the bottom there is an expiration date something you won't see often.
It is the easy-to-use pumping type so no rocket science there.
The oil texture has a bit of thick feeling to it. So it might feel bit of fiction when you spread it so need bit of mroe pumping than ones you are used to.
This is the picture of texting the product's makeup melting ability.
On the hand there is every larg amount of foundation and after a while the cleansing oil melted all the makup away.

After the melting prosess it is a picture of using toner to check for makeup. Suprisingly no such makeup is left behind.
Now the next test is something most cleanser have problem with.
The point makeup (Mascarra, Eyeliner, Lipstick, etc.) See the result yourself

This is a cleansing oil must off for all skin types normal to sensitive and all types of makeup. There was a little downside that it's bit too thick however if you want your skin healthy and clean, it's forgotten.

Hope you enjoyed it :)

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