Friday, May 3, 2013

Much better than the real thing!

 I've always thought about getting a tattoo.  However, the idea of something so permanent on my body was just too daunting.  I've even considered getting a little one in some inconspicuous spot, but it simply hasn't happened.
Well, I was thrilled when I was contacted by the company FAKE TATTOOS not only because I find the idea ingenious, but also because they sent me nail tattoos to try out.  This is a brilliant way of decorating your nails a little bit more than with just colour.
So here we go with Part 1 of my nail tattoo review........
Photo 1:  The tattoos in the original packaging.

About the company:  FAKE TATTOOS has reached #1 position within Europe regarding temporary tattoos, but they sell to the entire world.  They work with several famous guest designers, so most of their tattoos cannot be found anywhere else - they are originals.  They focus on fast delivery and 100% customer satisfaction..... and ..... they loooooove temporary tattoos!  (Text taken from the original letter and modified slightly for this blog post.)
Photo 2:  "Miss Minty" & "Bubblegum" by GOSH and the first sheet of FAKE TATTOOS entitled Hearts & Bow Design Order #CT615744.
About the fake tattoos:  The tattoos are easy to apply and last 3 - 10 days depending on your skin type.  The tattoos are FDA tested and totally non-toxic.  (Text provided by the company and slighty modified for this blog post.)
Photo 3:  Instructions for the correct application of the nail tattoos can be found on the back of each sheet of tattoo designs.

Photo 4:  GOSH shades "Miss Minty" and "Bubblegum" on alternating fingers with hearts from the Hearts & Bow Design.
This was my very first application of nail tattoos.  Apart from the sloppy job I did on my pinky and the fact that these two shades are becoming increasingly hard to work with, I was very pleased with the initial attempt at tattooing.
BTW -   I am really disappointed with the quality of these two, particularly as I have two other shades by GOSH, namely Berry Me and Blue Balloon, which are absolute dreams to work with and apply.
In any case, nail tattoos are a must-have item for every nail enthusiast.  These designs were super easy to apply.  It hardly takes any time and you are left with an amazing result.
Admittedly, I needed a few tries before I got better at lining up the tattoos on my nails so they were even.  Proper and accurate placement of these little pictures is harder than you would imagine on small finger nails such as mine, but practice makes perfect.

It is extremely fun to pick and choose the design you want with an appropriate shade of polish.  Even one tattoo on one nail would look fantastic and add something special to your manicure. 
So look them up and stay tuned for Part 2 of the nail tattoo series.
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