Saturday, May 11, 2013

MAC Lipstick Collection

Hey lovelies!
As theres still a few days left on my Blogiversary Giveaway i thought I'd share with you my MAC Lipstick collection. MAC lipsticks are some of my all time favourite lip products and I've accumulated quite a few over the last few years. Although I'm more of a matte girl, i love the variety of finishes MAC offer as there really is something for everyone!

A few are sadly limited edition, but MAC tends to re-promote popular shades every so often, so if there is a LE shade that takes your fancy remember to keep your eyes peeled for future collections. I'm really enjoying corals as the weather (yet unpredictable) is getting warming so Vegas Volt, Watch Me Simmer and Ablaze are my three current favourites.
Hue is probably the one MAC lipstick in my collection that I can just not pull off, its such a shame since its such a popular shade but lightly applied it just doesn't show up and heavily applied looks milky and gives me ghost face. Sigh. Pink Burst (LE) is one of my all time favourite pinks, I managed to pick this beauty up at a CCO a while back and am eagerly waiting for it to be (hopefully) re-promoted soon. Its a shade i haven't heard much about in the blogging world but i absolutely adore it!

I bloomin' love corals! Like i mentioned earlier Vegas Volt and Watch Me Simmer are two of my all time favourite Spring / Summer picks. Plumful is a recent addition to my collection and is gorgeous for day time wear! Rebel is my all time favourite Winter lippie! Its such a gorgeous, vampy, purpley, berry shade which makes it perfect for the cooler months. Its also so flattering on a wide variety of skin tones.

Oh Wonder Woman collection, why you have to sell out before i could grab anything good?! Russian Red is a permanent shade which i annoyingly haven't got much use out of as it just doesn't look right on me, i think Ruby Woo, or even RiRi Woo if i can catch it in stock in the future might be my next addition. These last four are all limited edition, sorry! I just couldn't resist the Fashion Set lipsticks. Bright and matte?! I just had to have them as I've not been drawn to any of the permanent line mattes. 

As you can see, I'm a sucker for a MAC lippie!

Have you entered my Blogiversary Giveaway? You could win a MAC lipstick of your choice!

What are your favourite shades?


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