Monday, May 13, 2013

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New family member and Vivid Lips!

I love animals and plants, (seriously who can't?) I have two dogs(I might introduce them soon if I could get those naughty boys clean enough), and I long thought 'If I could get two mischief dogs alive, I could do well with plants!'

Finally I got the change to prove it!
My brother got this flower it's called, "Carnation"

A  lot of flower buds! I can't wait till it blooms!

Oh god... 
My brother is as clumsy as me look what he did!

For the memorial of the flower and flower buds
He stuffed them inside so I wouldn't know :/
I'll kill him later

Well, just because they have been snaped out, that doesn't mean that it will not bloom!
I'll try to save it! the best I can!


Call me Plant whisper~
Just in one day they bloomed!
So pretty

Carnation color is so vivid

I though, I like little of that color on my lips too!

Ameli FlatLips Vampire, Ameli FlatLips Plastic Orange, Ameli FlatLips Rose Bay

Ameli brought out crazy color themes, people who like to do high fashion with vivid colors would love these product. See the colors?

I have chosen three colors

Price / Amount : 12,000won / 3.3g
If you want me to get it for you just ask XD
email :

This was contained in a glass, pretty but kinda scary

Overall the color is bright so it will tone up your face.
There is no pearl so if you like sparkle you'll not find it here.

The texture is bit rough and thick,
if you have cracks or dead skin around your lips it might bold out that stuff you don't want.

Vampire / Plastic Orange / Rose Bay
However the colors are awsome!

Red is not just some crazy red but more cool-red.
So if good for people who prefer cool than glamorous.
Even if it is red, the color doesn't bold out too strong

Orange is more for younger look. Fresh, Bright look is what you will get.

Pink is little too much for me
The color is close to purple and too strong for my taste.
I'll probably use this in the center and do a gradient look.

Even with just one touch around the lips the color is so vivid!
The product as tint, so instead of making your lips smooth it clings to your lips and make it look like your own lip color. Since it is tint it last long.
If you have a good skills with your hands you might be able to use this as a blusher!

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