Monday, May 13, 2013

[Korean Cosmetic Blogger / Lady Fox] Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

Jeju Island is a small island far south of the country. Jeju Island is a Volcanic Island, kinda like Hawaii, it's a very tropical place so a lot of rain, and never fall below freezing level. The Volcation and Lava Tubes is registered as World Heritage Site. So it's a quiet beautiful place for a visit. I myself didn't have a chance yet, but it's the number one island I'll travel too, if I can.

We all know that Volcanoes have a lot of mineral. Now Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask, is made of the clay of Jeju Volcanoes(Obviously), and it is used for cleaning out your moles and get rid of those acne(Are we mentioning things we already know?)

I myself love all types of mask. I love to give my skin a rest every week, and strengthen my skin for a week of harsh makeup. (Take care of your skin now or you'll regret when you get older)

So I decided I like the material it used, so I decided to introduce to you all to our new (Makeup) friend!

There is Original and Hard type
This is Hard type
(I heard they brought out Super type..I'm not sure what will be different)

Even though it's called 'hard' the cream was moist and soft.
There seem to be bit of oil too but it's very little so no worries
And there was a bit of soft scent

Okay... I did say it was soft but because it is 'hard' type
There can be trouble spreading it out on your skin.

Maybe because of all the dirt there were some times when the mask cling to itself,
making masses and bit of friction when you spread the mask.

I tested out their moist after 15 min.

When applied it was nice and cool
After it was dried you can see absolutely no moist after 15 minutes

Believe me I've seen and used a lot of mask, and this does not have enough moist
Okay maybe for Oily skin this mask might be perfect for you.
It might help you control your skin
(Frankly it did help my oily T zone)

However rest of my skin is Dry skin and this irritated it a bit.
This is absolutely for Oily skin and Oily T zones.

After Use
The true ability of this mask came after I washed it off
Where's my Moles? My Pores?
This product had very strong ability 
when it comes to tightening your moles and pores

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