Thursday, May 16, 2013

[Korean Cosmetic Blogger / Lady Fox ] Missha Glam Silky Body Balm

Okay some parts of the world it might be already summer.
But for me it's still early summer and bit cold for the beach. (Although I'm not sure I'll even be going or not) I'm planning to enjoy the sun and the same time look sexy!

Okay it's another first-time-use of these type of product, I've never used or seen body balm before, however after this balm was picked as the BEST BODY BALM I thought I would look into it.

Missha Glam Silky Body Balm Let's get Glam /   Glittering Glam

Name: Let's Get Glam
Price / Amount : 15,800 / 25g
If you want me to get it for you just ask XD
email :

Name: Glittering Gold
Price / Amount : 17,800 / 25g 
If you want me to get it for you just ask XD

email :

There's two types
There are both for all type of skin except color
Let's get glam is for whiter and brighter skin cool toned skin
Glittering Glam is for darker skin yellow skin warm toned skin.

Since I'm planning to get tanned 
I chose Glittering Glam

Very Gold-like
I hear the Let's get Glam is more Pink type.

See the difference?
I think there's bit white powder in there too!

Before / After
Your leg will look much more slimmer and sexy!

Please don't forget your collar bone, 
The glitter gives it more texture, and that really makes you look more SEXY!

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