Thursday, May 9, 2013

DIY: Plain old sneakers to Studded Wedges Sneakers

If you have no idea what Wedges Sneakers are, just like the name, it's actually wedges + sneakers!

I'm really really short so I LOVE anything that gives me height. Wedges do the best job because they give me height and don't hurt even if I wear them throughout the day!

As much as I like anything that gives me height, I love SNEAKERS so much because they are so comfortable and they make me look very sporty LOL.
When I heard of the current trend - WEDGES SNEAKERS - I was immediately SOLD lol.

Sadly, Wedges Sneakers are not largely sold in Singapore and are usually selling at a cray price (Like usually not anything less than $60??) which a very stingy person like me won't want to splurge anyhow on, although I really like them.

So before I decided to get my hands on them, HOW ABOUT LET'S MAKE ONE TOGETHER?!?!

Let's start off with studding your sneakers up..

- A pair of cheap sneakers (the cotton ones are easier to work with than leather ones and are cheaper) I got mine from Cotton on for $5 during a sale wtf. It's so ugly so I only wore it once HAHAHA.

I got mine online and I'll be using the flat studs for this tutorial because they are the easiest to work with.

I'm using the epoxy one WHICH sadly didn't work very well.

A better picture of the ugly sneakers. I'll love to get a pair of black one but there were only grey ones around so...yeah, might as well.

I decided to stud this piece of thing on my sneakers only.
And since it's made of cloth, I can just poke my studs through it and secure it by pressing the sharp ends flat using the end of a tweezer.

Very easy one!

Stud up the whole row.

And do it on both sneakers!

Now it's ten times nicer than the boring old $5 sneakers!!!

I'll love to put more spikes at the side of the sneakers but my glue didn't work well so I couldn't. :(



Go to Daiso and get these fantastic "height increase" shoe soles...

Just put them in your sneakers! Daiso sells lots of different kind of 'height increase' shoe soles.
The one I got is probably only 2 cm high.

Most sneaker wedges are about 10 cm high so I suggest you buy a few of these shoe soles and stack 'em up if Daiso don't sell any shoe soles that are more than 2 cm high.


Make sure you don't be too greedy and put way too much until your heel is exposed at the end, or too high to the extent that you can't walk properly in the sneakers.

You can choose to stick them down or just place them in without sticking them down so you still can take them out if you don't want your sneakers to be wedges for a day or smth HAHA.

Do you feel a bit cheated? LOL

Hope you like this super easy DIY tutorial! ^_^


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