Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Advertorial: Boomphones

Have you heard of Boomphones?

Boomphones are not just the headphones, but a whole lot more than that!

SURPRISE!!! Look at the sides of Boomphones, does it remind you of something?

It sure does remind me of speakers!!
And YES, just as the name states, BOOMPHONES are actually HEADPHONES + BOOMBOX.
With just a push of a button, your headphone turns into a boombox!

It comes with the LED MODE to show you if your Boomphones are ready to blast with the built-in boombox.

You can switch on the LED MODE at the side. After that, you'll see the ring of white light around the bomb button!
White LED = Headphones mode
Red LED = Boombox mode :D 

Not only that, you can turn your Boomphones into a portable amp! Plug into your computer, electric guitar, keyboard etc. :D

Boomphones make use of Lithium Battery so it is easily rechargeable through a mini USB! There are 10-hours of internal usage and 5-hours of external usage.

Just as you thought a headphone wouldn't get any more better, I'm gonna prove you soooo wrong.

Boomphones are PHONE READY! Super convenient so you won't have to disconnect your headphone to pick up a call.

Press the boombox bomb button to turn it into speakerphone!

Or you can use the mic provided to take private calls. :D

They are available in two colours - Matte Black or Polished White!

And you can easily get them from Epicentre, Epilife, HMV, Tangs, SUP Clothing, Bien Store, IP Case and many more.

It comes with a handy case for you to keep your precious Boomphones in. :D

Boomphones have the power, and the multifunctional appeal, to revolutionize the way that consumers listen to music. 
Take on this revolutionary experience and get your Boomphones today! ^_^

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