Saturday, May 25, 2013

Featured Review: Korean Makeup with Navy Eyeliner MicaBeauty Cosmetics

Disclaimer: These products were given to me to do a review on. I do not get paid or any commission if you purchase any of these products quoting my blog for the 20% discount. As always, my honest comments for products, because that's what I truly believe in. 


If you missed my first post, I was actually invited to try out MicaBeauty cosmetics. And I had a demonstration of their makeup products as well, which you can see them here~.
After using these products for some time, I feel like I am able to tell you how these products fare. This is going to be a tutorial along with an embedded review, because what's a review without demonstration huh.

Today's featured look is the Korean Style Makeup, but with a twist. Navy eyeliner to create a pop of colour on your lids. Along with the tutorial, I will also conduct a "test" on its durability.

And check out the beautiful lip colours. Want to know what are they???

Shall we begin?
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