Friday, May 17, 2013

[Korean Cosmetic Makeup Blog / Lady Fox] Tony Moly Change U Dry Shampoo for the LAZY BUMS!

Tony Moly Change U Dry Shampoo for the LAZY BUMS! 

Fine...... I don't like to be called lazy (well, no body would), it's just sometimes we are "busy" and don't have time to wash our hair every morning. Or you could be just sick and couldn't take a bath!

Mostly for me I do my showers on night (I'm a more of shower person) but sometime I could be too tired late at night and too busy to do it in the morning. So I will wear hat or cap or something to cover up my hair.

What ever your reason can be, your hair could get greasy and may smell not as fresh as you want. Now for your convenience Tony Moly Change U Dry Shampoo will fix your hair anytime.

Overall light, and since it isn't so big, you can take it around your purse
for fast spray around your hair,
(You don't want people know you didn't wash your hair XD)

This hair have been applied a lot of oil products 
before applying Tony Moly Change U Dry Shampoo

See how well all the oil been wiped out?
It looks fresh and your hair turn really soft afterwards.

You know how the center of your hair can smell strange?
Well it get rid of that smell too!

This product is great of sick people who can't take a shower, 
Busy people who don't have the time to wash frequently
People who smoke or walked into a place where people smoke
(The smell of smoke can get on your hair easily!)
Also to those who are just too lazy to stand up and turn on the water

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