Thursday, August 1, 2013

[Korean Cosmetic Makeup Blog] So Natural Speed Drawing BB Stick, 10 second BB Stick

Have you seen the Famous TV Channel
Get it Beauty?
It's a big show among women or any young people who love makeup

I sometimes see Get it Beauty and find products worth sharing!
Today I came across this video
Doing Natural Makeup and (Hollywood Style) Thick Makeup
They call it "Good Girl & Bad Girl"

One of the Product they introduce is the So Natural Speed Drawing BB Stick

I find this product Great to use after skin care product
Also since you can layer it on I think it's a good product to use as concealer

Name : So Natural Speed Drawing BB Stick
Original Price/ Weight : 15,000won / 12g
If you want me to get it for you just ask XD
email :

It's a rolling type Remember to pull just the amount you are going to use
And don't push it on you might break the stick or scrap it on the edge
You don't want that if you care about hygienic

I find the texture so smooth!
I know many use this as a concealer too and when I think of concealer
I usually think it as being matty and thick and when you spread it around your skin 
it pulls the skin too much that it irritates

However I love how Silky this feels
It spread well like normal BB cream.
**Although I feel it lacks strength, sometimes the cream move too much
But overall I'm loving this feeling!** 

See the difference?
It has a natural glow and shine
I'm excited how it's going to work on face skin!

Before we test it out on face skin
I tested it's coverage
Used Black Eye Liner and did one layer on top

This is who you use this BB Stick
Step one draw it on your face
Step two use brush or your hand 
(I prefer a brush) to spread it around
Step three, If you tap the stick it will work as a concealer
(on the picture they used the stick itself I like to use a brush)

My Skin is having trouble these days *SIGH*
I'll recover as fast as I can for better skin picture :(

I hope you like this product
Where to Buy : Ebay

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