Thursday, August 8, 2013

[Korean Cosmetic Makeup Blogger] Laneige Water Base CC Cream SPF 36 PA++, Natural Makeup Style CC Cream

This Post is for my Dear Friend Y_Y Do say hi to her when you see her rooming around my blog~ XD (Review Request)

Name : Laneige Water Base CC Cream 
Original Price/Weight : 30,000won / 40ml
Colors : Pure Beige / Peach Pink

This is Laneige Water Base CC Cream 
There are two colors

Before we get to know these products XD

We all know what CC cream is by now,
It's like BB cream however CC cream is focus on skin care than coverage.
With CC Cream it is easy to do Natural Makeup
and you can take care of your skin too!

This product is Water Base
To oily skin this is not something you want :/
Water Base is a product that is almost liquid like than cream
This 'Cream' will easily spread around your skin
And also give a watery glow to your skin

This product can be use as Sun cream, primer and makeup base
This also has slight whitening effect

This product as two color
Pure Beige and Peach Pink
Pure Beige is for people who like to do makeup that is warm and soft natural makeup
Peach Pink is for people who wish to do makeup that is bright and stylish

These are tube type,
When you first pump it out you need to pump a few times before you can see something come out XD

Try pumping upside down, if you still can't see anything XD

I know you might say
I don't see a difference
Well..................... you can see a difference when you apply but not so well on pictures
This is best I got XD
Plus this BB cream is suppose to be NATURAL 
So you shouldn't expect big changes
I think overall this cream softens redness around your skin
and clear up your skin tone

Before / After
Overall the cream kind of cleans up the skin
Making my skin look so beautiful and it seems like I didn't do ANY makeup at all!

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