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Featured Review: Hada Labo Ultra Hydrating 3-in-1 Perfect Gel

Hada Labo is definitely not an unfamiliar brand to me, I have tried a few of their awesome products, such as their Super Hyaluronic Acid Moist Essence EX as well as the Moisture Lotion, their No.1 Lotion in Japan. 

I am glad that I was sent the Ultra Hydrating 3-in-1 Perfect Gel! I am very excited to try this out, because my skin has been drying out, and no moisturiser has been able to rectify the issue. And, it the mask came with the cute panda eye mask, because it works as a sleeping mask too! 

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Our body repairs itself when we sleep, and it is optimal to sleep the number of hours that your body needs depending on your age, to ensure that your body is ready for the next day's activities!
Source: Help Guide
Quoting from INeedMotivation, the best time to go to bed to help you wake up in great shape is between 9pm and midnight. This is a general guideline for adults 18-45 years old, and older people will tend to sleep earlier due to their age and lack of energy, which is normal. If you go to sleep later than midnight, even with the right amount of hours you need, it is not optimal sleep for you. 

While you're asleep, your skin is at its restorative best! "When asleep, your metabolic rate is lower, so you're not producing as many skin-damaging free radicals. Plus, you're not exposed to environmental pollutants or UV light that can harm the skin," explains Mary Lup, M.D., a New Orleans-based dermatologist. "Because your body doesn't have to work at skin protection overnight, it can instead focus on repairing the damage done throughout the day," she says. So any products you use will be that much more effective at hydrating, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and brightening. - Jennifer Benjamin, DailyGlow. 

Today I want to share with you Hada Labo's Perfect Gel, which is meant to replenish the skin's moisture while you sleep! Which is perfect for those of you who sleep in airconditioned rooms, or have dry and flaky skin

Hada Labo's Ultra Hydrating 3-in-1 Perfect Gel is perfect for those of you who are like me, who always face dry and flaky skin (at certain areas)!

Hada Labo Says...
The Hada Labo Perfect Gel has a rich cream texture that is non-sticky, allowing your skin to feel light even after applying. Its versatility and effectiveness has won the hearts of so many women that it is No.1Sales in ‘All-in-One’ gel product segment in Japan. 

The Potent Ingredients 
(Incl. 3 Types of Hyaluronic Acid for Deep & Long Lasting Moisturisation)
1. Hyaluronic Acid
Able to hold 6l of water per gram, providing intense moisture to the skin when applied. 
Hyaluronic Acid is also known as glycosaminoglycan, is known for its ability to reverse or stop aging, sometimes referred to as "key to the fountain of youth"  Cleveland Clinic
2. Super Hyaluronic Acid
Is able to hold 2X as much water than Hyaluronic Acid per gram, providing maximum moisturization
3. Nano Hyaluronic Acid
Able to penetrate deep into the skin, providing long lasting and deep moisture to the skin.
4. Collagen 
As the body’s collagen levels decline, the skin starts to age with wrinkles, large pores and poor skin clarity. The Hada Labo Perfect Gel contains collagen to provide firm, elastic and wrinkle-free skin.
5. Ceramide
Skin that lacks ceramide is often dry,irritated, and often easily affected by the sun and dust in air. Hada Labo Perfect Gel help to hold and repair the surface skin cells together for a healthy, smooth skin.


The outer casing of the box are instructions in English, as the inner box has wordings in Japanese. 
Manufacturing lot and expiry date located at the bottom of the box
Check out the directions of use, as well as the "goodness" of the ingredients that is going to be absorbed by your skin here too~

Also, I noticed that there is a safety seal on the box, to ensure it's brand new and it's quality. 

Hada Labo Perfect Gel
Size: 80g
Retails at $35.90 at Watsons, Guardian and Sasa outlets.

Celly's Skincare Routine
I have acne and combination skin, therefore my skincare routine is very important to ensure that my skin maintains it's radiance and suppleness. I would love to have flawless and dewy skin at all time.. I am not there yet, but at least I have a goal in mind.

One thing I like about such moisturiser, is that the gel like texture makes it very moisturising and refreshing for the skin! And feels like I am feeding my skin water to quench it's thirst!

And as a regular moisturiser or serum, all you need is a pea-size for your full face, including your neck! It glides on your skin very smoothly without tugging, you can even massage your skin for a few minutes even after it has been fully absorbed. 

As this product works as an essence, serum and a sleeping mask, I have included this in both my morning and night routine, which differs only due to the sunscreen. 
Step 1: Cleanse face with facial cleanser
Step 2: Tone face with a cotton pad
Step 3: Apply essence just for additional goodness~
Step 4: Hada Labo Perfect Gel
Step 5a: For day, apply sunscreen. 
Step 5b: For night, apply pimple treatment. 

I have been using the product for 14 days straight, so that I could have a proper gauge of the product, which I feel is still insufficient. I will have an ongoing assessment of this! I did not take photos everyday, but I took whenever I remembered, so I could take note of the progress. I got to admit, because this is a sponsored review, I tried to meet the given deadline, but I ensured that I was able to use it for as long as I could! I forsaked the chance to win some giveaway as well, for the sake of doing a better review of course ^^ 

So here's Day ZERO, without makeup and even skincare! Please note that this product does not brighten my skin in anyway, the natural lighting in Day Four image makes my skin look radiant and brighter somehow. 


Shot under natural light

Please ignore the acne redness, because I am experiencing sunburnt skin for the past few days hee. So what did you notice was different? I noticed that my skin wasn't that dry after cleansing, and my skin has a natural sheen. 

The Verdict
After using the product twice a day for more than 2 weeks, I've got to admit... I really love this product. Although there is no obvious improvements if you see the photos above, but my skin feels smoother and does not flake anymore. 

Not forgetting that this product does have long lasting hydration! I feel that their hydration lasts even after you wash off your face of dirt and makeup. As my cleansed skin does not feel dry, and even feels smooth to the touch with no tugging. 

It's gel like texture glides on your skin, which helps to cool down and moisturise your thirsty and dry skin at the same time!

What's more, it is lightweight and non-sticky, unlike some rich moisturisers which may turn out a little too oily. Although the gel is quickly absorbed into the skin, it leaves your skin feeling smooth and moisturised. 

I recommend massaging the Perfect Gel into your skin as you apply it, as it applies very smoothly. Massage with outward strokes beginning from the center of your face. This can help promote blood circulation as well as firmer skin. Even if you massage your skin after the gel has been fully absorbed into your skin, you will not feel any tugging at your skin (but remember, be gentle!). 

For sensitive skin people like myself, this did not irritate my skin or cause any breakouts. My acne actually improved (could be other reasons though, such as exercise and my regular water intake). 

The Good
1. Long lasting hydration
2. Light weight and not sticky
3. Multi-purpose product, as a moisturiser and also a daily sleeping mask
4. Fragrant free - suitable for sensitive skin users
5. Improved my skin condition, my skin feels healthier!
6. No more squeaky or dry skin after cleansing

The Bad
1. Quite pricey, costing more than SGD35.90 for 80g
2. Not paraben free - if you are into paraben-free products
3. Not extremely hygienic to double dip into the tub, if only it came with a small spatula like most of the sleeping masks do

Check out Hada Labo's Facebook or their Official Website for more information! And get yours today from any Watsons, Guardian or other participating stores at $35.90. Don't forget to share your views with me, I would love to hear them!

I am going to do a review of all sleeping masks soon, as I realised I have a couple of sleeping masks with me, and let's have the battle of the masks in a few months (so that I could really test them outtt!).

Stay tuned for an upcoming tutorial on Korean Dewy Makeup! Andddd cast your votes on ideas for the next blog post and I will definitely share this with you ^^

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