Saturday, August 10, 2013

[Korean Cosmetic Makeup Blogger] TonyMoly Wonder Water Moisture Cream, 70% Alaska Berg!

I bought this during a Special Sale!
You can get one too!

Original Price : 15000Won / 300ml
If you want me to get it for you just ask XD
email :

What I really really, I mean REALLY LOVE about this is that just look hat how much it contains! 300ml! with this Sale price it's really worth every money!

I liked the ingredient except the fact there was some dye too make it look cooler
The product was made to give cooling effect (you can make this effect bigger if you put it in the fridge)

There was a small lid covering the cream
If you open it
TADA~ Jelly textured cream!

When the cream is combined it looked blue and cooling
When you dip out some of the cream you can see that it's white

Very Liquid like cream texture

This picture first part is before and after when I first applied
Second part is after few minutes I wanted to see the progress of this cream

As you can see in the picture
the jell cream does not absorb fast (like most Korean Cosmetic Does)
It kinda slowly sink in deeper into your skin

I liked everything about this cream but I felt just apply with this one cream 
Kinda makes my skin sticky when I am outside in the heat

I like to apply this before bed
Or I use this in various other ways~
I'll introduce you to some of the ways 
(I felt I can't use it all before the due date since there is so much!
So I had to find some other usage XD)

#1 I like to mix this with Cream Foundation 
#2 I make Moisturizing Pack 
I mix Facial Oil and the Wonder Water in the ratio of 1:1
#3 Body Care
#4 Hand Cream
#5 Hair Care

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