Friday, August 16, 2013

KPOP Holic Karaoke App Madness!

I believe my love for KPOP is undeniable. I may not go all the way out to support the Kpop band that I like, but I definitely read up on KPOP news and listen to KPOP songs almost whenever I am relaxing. 

Today I have a new mobile app to introduce to you all. Not sponsored, because I think this is really an awesome product for fellow KPOP lovers like myself. This is not a new app I believe, but I have recently discovered this.

Source: Google Play
As you can see from the image above, this is a Karaoke application, great for those who love to sing with instrumentals, hear others sing, or even allow others to comment on their singing. Read below for more information! 

KPOP HOLIC has been created for people who love Korea Music. This is a Karaoke applications. Anytime, anywhere. You can practice the song. At the same time viewing lyricsAnd you can also record your voice while you practice the song. That songs is recorded can be shared by facebook.
This application is supported by the four language(Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese) - From Google Play

How Does This App Work
To sing, you will need to exchange Holic for Singing Passes (e.g. 1 hour usage for 20 Holic). Otherwise, for those who do not get the singing passes, you will only be able to sing for 1 minute.

Holic is available by cash purchase through the "charge" page, or by the following few methods which are free!
- Every new sign up is entitled 210 Holic
- Subsequent weeks, Holic can be saved up
- Participate in auditions and win #1
- At "CHARGE" page there are "Free Holic Charging #1,2,etc.", simply download the apps and get free holic!

Want to Compete?
Well, I mentioned earlier about Auditions, and it is simply an international audition with Koreans, Americans, other Asians etc. There will be contests held by KPOP Holic, or members like you and I will be also able to host your own auditions, and the prizes are (of course), Holic!

Win up to 200 Holic when you receive the most number of HEARTS! Simply choose an audition that has a song that you are familiar with, and sing to your heart's content! And await for the audition period to close, and for people to HEART you and you'll win!

I Actually Won!
It is crazy, but yes I actually won my first audition with f(x)'s Electric Shock! One of my favourite songs, especially when the rap is manageable haha. Here's my hall of fame (*drum rolls*)....

13 other participants were in this audition, and I received a total of 9 hearts and emerged the first. It was a narrow competition, as there were 2 other members or singers who received 7 and 6 hearts. And I won 200 Holic from this audition! Teeheehee.. *jumps up and down!*

Alright, but now that I have won, I am not able to compete for another 90 days because I won the first honour during the audition. So I will be taking a short hiatus from the game, LOL. Partly because Holic is required for singing the full song, so... why waste it!

Now now now...
I believe your vocal chords are crazily vibrating now, wanting to sing! Sad to say, this app is only available on Andriod devices. I am still awaiting for the AppStore to carry this.. I will keep you posted! 

Add me?
My account is thesnowflowerrr, nothing new... Follow me or add me there in KPOP Holic and you will get posted of my singing I think? Hahaha, and comment down below at my recorded songs, let me know if you love or hate them! I honestly don't mind, because I am not a professional singer, I just sing to my very best! Criticisms welcomed! 

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