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[Korean Cosmetic Makeup Blogger] Boosting Essence! Miracle Seed Essence

Boosting Essence! Miracle Seed Essence

Name : Primera Miracle Seed Essence
Original Price/ Amount : 45,000 Won / 150ml
If you want me to get it for you just ask XD
email : myteacupstory@gmail.com

Another Brand that I'm falling in LOVE~!
This brand decided to not to do glamours and large ads to promote their brand
But only with their pure and natural products.

Those glamours and large ads promoting brand 
(no matter how natural they say they are) their product has a lot of chemicals inside them
I suggest you to take a look at this Primera (the REAL Natural cosmetic)
So what so special about Primera
You all heard of Fermentation right?
There is a lot of Korean Cosmetic that use this natural fermentation
to strengthen the effect

Primera went even forward and decided to do Germination
So. what is Fermentation and What is Germination?

Fermentation : using natural existing enzymes to change the essence into something very different, like using yeast to make beer!

Germination : using the special energy inside a seed that makes this seed a large tree

Primera took notice of the brilliance in the strength of nature and life
and took that energy to make cosmetic

Currently Primera is helping schools and organization that try to study the strength of nature and help preventing them. 
I heard they are funding them with the percentage of their income.
So when you buy their stuff you're saving NATURE XD

Today I'm going to introduce one of their product
Miracle Seed Essence

This is usable in the morning and in the night
All type of skin can use this!

This product used Lotus seed as their main ingridient
This product as 93.1% or Lotus Seed Extraction!

They studied Lotus Seed and found out that 
lotus seed has great ability in protecting, renewing, and purification

This product will whiten your skin and help recover your skin
you can use this twice a day in the morning and before you sleep!
it says use 2.5 ml when you use it

When I first read that use 2.5ml
I though "Do I have to get my beakers on my LAB?"
and then I noticed the markings as you see on this pic
I guess I don't need those beakers XD

I like the fact that Primera didn't use some cheap stuff for the lid 
it had extra coverage to keep dust off from the liquid

This product is good to use a cotton pad when applying

not applied / 7 days / 10 days / 15 days
I know... it's hard to tell the difference with this pictures
But if you can see the red patch inside the skin disappeared on 15th day
the bumpy rough skin texture turned soft so it's hard to see cracks on the skin on the 15th day

I love the effect of this product
especially how fast the lotion absorb!
You know how if you put on a lot of skin care product too fast
it feels like you put on skins of layer on your skin?
Bit sticky and just too wet to do makeup?
Well, this essence really help my skin care products to absorb faster
and my makeup looked so nice!

This product also did testing on humans of all age and ask when did they notice difference on their skin

80% people on the 3 day of using this they found difference on their skin texture
86% people on the 6th day of using this they found difference on their skin tone
87% people on the ninth day find their skin transparency different!

That a real high acknowledgement especially on a essence,
Essence is not so easy to see a big difference like you can see on the picture above
However a lot of people felt a change!
It's time for your skin to change TOO! XD

What you can expect from this product : 
-Soften your skin texture
-Clear up your color tone
-Make your skin transparent
-Help the next makeup product absorb well

I wanna a take a special thanks to everyone who have trust me 
and allow me to shop stuff for them!
Thank you All!

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