Sunday, August 4, 2013

Seascape Uplift Body Wash - Review*

Hello Lovelies!

Uplift Bodywash* is the second product I've tried from the Jersey based brand and if you've seen my previous review you'll know I'm already quite smitten.
Seascape have some lovely brand ethics and their products contain no nasties like parabens, petroleum, silicone's and are suitable for vegetarians. They also source many of their ingredients locally and are a certified carbon neutral. They tick many, many boxes for all you ethically and environmentally conscious shoppers! You can find a whole host of information on the brand and their ethics on their website here.

It has been a long while since I've tried a new body wash or shower gel because I've been very much set in my ways with my current products, so it was a real nice change to try out something new. Uplift contains 100% natural Jersey eucalyptus, lime and lavender oil and the result of these three give it a lovely refreshing scent. My nose can really pick up on the lavender and eucalyptus but not so much the lime. Its not a scent i would personally go for, but saying that it is one I've been really enjoying. The fresh scent is perfect for those mornings when you really do not want to get up, as the name suggests it really is uplifting! Its a very clean scent, so with the hot sticky weather we've been having here in the UK its a welcome change to my usual sickly sweet picks.

For £16 you get a nicely sized 300ml bottle and some lovely packaging, I'm one of those weirdos who doesn't like binning such loveliness. I can't be alone there? Another perk of this is that it lathers up a treat! Its my bug bear with shower gels that you have to use half a bottle to get a good foam, well not with this! A little dollop is enough to do your whole body, it even works quite well as a bubble bath.

Overall although this is not something I would of chosen myself I'm actually really enjoying it, I've had to remove if from the bathroom because apparently my Mother is too! Its a bit of a splurge at £16 but with the quality and Seascapes background and ethics would make a perfect gift for someone special or a little treat for yourself!

You can find Uplift and other Seascape products from their website and HQ Hair here.

What is your favourite body wash?


* Product sent for review consideration but all opinions voiced on My Makeup Obsession will always be 100% honest and my own. You can view my disclaimer here.

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