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Beauty Talk: Remedy to Dark Underarms

Hello beauties,

Most of us would opt for sleeveless tops for the summer, as the weather has turned warmer and we would like to allow our "pits" to get more ventilation~ Some of us might be a little apprehensive to wear sleeveless tops, or to even raise our arms above our shoulders, because we fear that others might see our dark underarms... or in Singapore, we readily refer to it as armpits hehe. 

You're not alone.

Image Source: Health Regards
I have also been troubled by dark armpits, because the past few years, I have plucked the courage to wear sleeveless and noticed a "shadow" when I raise my arm, which never goes away even if I shine direct light onto it. I am writing this based on my experience as well as what I have done for myself to help improve the appearance of my armpits, and not forgetting extra research as I am not a professional in this ^^

Top Causes of Dark Underarms
1. Dirt
I know, it sounds like, EEK! Dirt!? You mean the accumulation of dirt can cause a darker appearance, can cause such DARK armpits? YES. Our armpits, as compared to the rest of our body, have an accumulation of skin that is folded. This allows it to be more vulnerable to dirt collection, as we might not be able to remove the dirt thaaat easily.

2. Clothing
Our armpits are always in contact with our clothing, especially when we wear sleeved tops or even jackets. Avoid wearing tight clothes as the constant contact of your clothes with your pits will cause friction - which may lead to the darkening of your armpits (this applies for other areas as well, e.g. your butt cheeks etc.).

3. Deodorant
I remember Michelle Phan talking about this, that the built up of deodorant on your armpits which are not removed properly could also result in darker armpits. Furthermore, according to Healthkart, the chemical compounds in strong deodorants could also be one of the reason for darker underarms as it leads to pigmentation, resulting in permanently darker armpits. 

4. Shaving
We are concerned about the appearance of our underarms, and definitely having "hair" there could be quite unsightly. So we shave, pluck or even epilate them, however shaving could cause irritation to the underarm if it is done too frequently. This could also cause scarring or inflmmation that causes underarm skin darker than the original - Let's Go Healthy

Other causes of darker underarms could also be attributed to your genetics, and diabetes which you can find out more information from Healthkart here. 

Remedy for Dark Underarms
For the layer of dirt that sits on our skin could be our dead cells or dirt from the air, we will need to exfoliate our skin by scrubbing. 

There are a few options you could choose from:
Source: D'Atra Paris Belal
1. Scrub Gloves
I personally use this glove daily, to scrub all over my body. This helps to ensure that I do not allow any dirt or dead cells to stay on my skin. Not only does it helps to keep the skin clean, it also makes your skin smoother! 

Remember those annoying bumps which you might get on your butts (butt bumps), using this helps you to also reduce the appearance and occurrence of them. 

2. Body Scrub
Another option that I personally vouch for it, because it really helps to brighten my underarms, and leave it smoother as well. This brand of body scrub is my personal favourite which I got it from Batam's Hypermart (Travel With Me here), which only costs me around SGD2-3 for the huge tub, and SGD1++ for this tub you see right here.

3. Professional Body Scrubs / Spa Sessions
If you're looking for a relaxation and a wonderful massage and body scrub, I would suggest for you to go for a spa session. I go for this yearly, as I think it would be too costly to do it frequently. And I have only gone to Eska's spa in Batam

Try to use lesser deodorant, but if you cannot do so, opt for natural deodorants that are better for your skin! I personally don't use deodorants, unless I am sure I will be perspiring a lot, or when I have an important event to go for. I don't even apply it when I exercise, as I do not want to block or clog up the pores and obstruct their freedom of "breathing" haha...
Source: The Daily Green
1. Choose Deodorants that Uses Natural Ingredients - Alexandra Zissu
Read the article for The 9 Best Natural Deodorants written by Alexandra Zissu, which does not contain parabens, fragrance and any other irritating chemicals. One of them which I found it more acessible is the deodorant by Burt's Bee.

2. DIY
Do it yourself! Deodorant uses some of the commonly found items that you can find them in your kitchen, and one of them is corn starch powder which can be found in deodorants and your powders. It is a wonderful product to help absorb oil and perspiration. Furthermore, it will not stain your clothing. Do not apply excessive, as it will have a whitish appearance for awhile ;)

Or you may try out this receipe from Wellness Mama - Healthy Homemade Deodorant 
And these are the ingredients that you'll need:
3 Tablespoons of Coconut Oil
3 Tablespoons of Baking Soda
3 Tablespoons of Shea Butter
3 Tablespoons of Arrowroot (Optional)
Essential Oils (Optional)

Instead of shaving, opt for waxing, as it will help to prevent the chances of irritation to your skin. Or epilate, as these options will help you remove the hair from the root, and this results in a brighter and whiter looking underarms! Yay! Waxing may be very painful, so use an epilator if you are that afraid of the pain.

There are plenty of DIY masks out there to share with you how you could brighten or lighten your dark underarms, but here are a few that I have tried and want to recommend it to you.

1. Lemon Juice
Lemon is a natural bleaching agent, and it effectively lightens your skin. I've used this on my pits, my elbows, as well as directly on any acne scars before. And it works fine! 

HOW TO? You can simply apply it directly to your armpits the night before, and shower the next morning. However if you have sensitive or very thin skin, apply it for 10-20 minutes and cleanse after - to avoid skin burn!

2. Mixture of Lime and Cucumber - Let's Go Healthy
Mix 1 teaspoon of lime juice (lemon juice works too), 1 teaspoon of cucumber juice and a pinch of turmeric powder. Then apply the mask onto your underarms, leave it on for 20 minutes before rinsing it off. - I have not try this, but I believe it works because of the use of lime or lemon, is definitely going to work hahaha.. 

Do give these tips a try and let me know if they have helped you significantly lighten your armpits or not. I realised that these must be done on a regular basis to ensure that the armpits are "clean" and free of dirts. 

For the masks, I only use them when I have an important occasion coming up, otherwise on every other day, I would do a body scrub or simply alternate with my scrub glove. 

I hope you have found this interesting! And if you'd like to read more of such beauty articles, do let me know! Do you have any beauty issues that you would like me to address as well? Leave me a comment down below~

For the brighter pits yo~ Peace out!

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  1. Do it yourself! Deodorant uses some of the commonly found items that you can find them in your kitchen, and one of them is corn starch powder which can be found in deodorants and your powders.
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