Monday, September 27, 2010

Review: Nivea Double Effect Deodorant 24h Violet Senses

Here's another Nivea product which I love... Nivea Double Effect Deodorant 24h Violet Senses.  I have been faithful to this deodorant from the first time I tried it, i.e. around a year ago.

As usual, let's see what it looks like! Basically, it is your average deodorant spray bottle, only cuter and more girly!

It comes in a convenient 150ml bottle which has enough product to last for around a month (bear in mind I use loads of it on a daily basis so that's great) and you can also carry it in your gym bag, luggage, etc... (not for small clutches though!).

This deodorant, apart from being an anti-perspirant, is supposed to render your underarms hair-free for longer. Let's see if it does what it says on the bottle! First, the anti-perspirant part. First of all, this deodorant has a really delicate and fresh floral scent that lasts all day, so I guess that's full marks to the anti-perspirant. Further more, the product doesn't stain clothes (when shaken well before use, if not, it will be a bit sticky and cause stains).

Now for the 'smoother underarms for longer' part. The deodorant contains avocado extract, specifically targeted to make underarm skin softer for a closer shave. I cannot say if I have noticed an improvement with regards my underarms staying hair-free for longer as I naturally don't have a noticeable hair growth under my arms; but I can definitely say that when I use this deodorant immediately after shaving, it does not sting! and really does leave my underarms smooth. I guess the fact it doesn't sting comes from the deodorant being alcohol free. It is also free from colourants. Like all Nivea products the dermatological compatibility for this deodorant is approved. 

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