Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Want to finally achieve the nails you've always longed for?

Our passion is nails!  Our mission is helping you achieve the nails you have always wanted.  Our offer is an amazing opportunity to become involved in the third nail challenge of 2012 - the T.N.T. Challenge sponsored by ASK Cosmetics Inc., a Canadian company with its manufacturing and headquarters in Burlington, Ontario.  The company specializes in innovative, effective and fortifying nail, skin and haircare products for all ages, which enhance one's natural beauty.
 Now ASK Cosmetics is giving YOU the chance to have the same long, strong, fortified nails as seen here in these photos.
Diane's nails, who is Vice President of Operations at ASK Cosmetics Inc. of Canada
Karen's nails, who is President & CEO of ASK Cosmetics, also the creator/inventor of TIPS Nail Conditioner
Lisa's (my) nails, Vice President of Global Sales and Social Media Marketing for ASK Cosmetics Inc.
This is your chance to transform your nails into naturally healthy-looking ones by following the instructions and guidance provided to you directly by ASK Cosmetics Inc. and Lisa Mueller.
ASK Cosmetics Inc. is selecting 25 women (and/or men) who are ready to commit to incorporating the one, fast and simple step it takes to have gorgeous, naturally-healthy nails by using the ASK Cosmetics products daily for 12 weeks.  We're calling it the T.N.T. Challenge, which stands for the TOTAL NAIL TRANSFORMATION Challenge.
To apply, email:  lmueller@askcosmetics.com with a photo of your nails, and tell us why you would like to join this challenge.  People from all over the world are invited to be part of this amazing nail transformation.
Please note:  Participants must be able to take clear, close-up photos of their nails on a weekly basis and send them by email to lmueller@askcosmetics.com.  Additionally, you must be able to provide a write-up (or update) of your progress.  All participants must refrain from wearing nail polish and/or having any manicures done at nail salons for the duration of 12 weeks.  To apply you must be a fan of the ASK Cosmetics' Facebook page here 
and/or a follower of the blog site Lisa's Nailcare Blog right here. 
Once you have sent in your application and it has been approved, you will receive a release form to be signed and returned as soon as possible.  Then a parcel with the necessary challenge products provided free-of-charge by ASK Cosmetics will be sent to your mailing address.  At that point the challenge will begin for you.
Finally, the best news of all.... for the first time in our challenge history ASK Cosmetics Inc. will be awarding 3 huge prize packages for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winners in the T.N.T. Challenge.  How can you be a winner?  It's easy, follow the challenge instructions exactly, send in weekly photos and updates of your progress and a final summary after 12 weeks.  The three most impressive entries will be chosen and awarded the most amazing prizes of nail, skin and haircare products by ASK Cosmetics.
Start a new nail adventure today!  And pass on the word to all your family members, friends or colleagues at work, who might need/want a total nail transformation.  We want to help you on your way to having gorgeous, healthy nails.
Thanks for stopping by,  Lisa M.

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