Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Travel Makeup Bag!

Heya lovelies!
Hopefully by the time this post is up i shall be in sunny Florida so thought it was apt to show you what i pack in my travel makeup bag! The bag itself if i remember rightly is Benefit's Gabbi Bag that i picked up many years ago and to be perfectly honest i kinda regret buying it, i think it was over £20 and has been used all of once... bad, i know! So i really wanted to try and get some use out of it, its sturdier than the rest of my makeup bags and has a little more padding which makes it great for trying to get bits and bobs home in one piece.
I just wish i owned a few more travel sized brushes to pop in it!
For me this is packing light!

For normal trips around the UK my makeup bag is considerably bigger and I'd probably cart around a brush roll on top of all that. But bearing in mind the Florida heat and my love of shopping i thought packing the bare minimum was probably the best idea, if i desperately need something its just yet another excuse to go shopping! hehe!
I spent a good while going through my collection working out what would be the best products to take, working out what could get damaged in travel or melt in the heat that i wouldn't die over if i lost, so i came up with this little lot.
See? It really is the bare minimum!
I'm quite pleased i managed to get this down to four brushes. My Elf Kabuki for blush, my Royal and Langnickel kabuki for powder, Crown Small Chisel Blush for contour and a travel size Sigma E25. I don't think I've ever gone with such a small range of brushes, but since you'll see my lack of eyeshadow later on that pretty much explains it. But these are just the basic four, so that if needs be, i can whack on a whole face of makeup pretty easily.

Okay, so i am a dinlo and have missed one of the key items out of this photo... My Sleek Contour Kit! There was no way i was lugging Lightscapade and Laguna round with me because there would be tears if i smashed or lost either of those, but Sleek's little kit is the perfect replacement!

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser and Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream are the only two base products I'm taking and honestly it was a real struggle for me not to pack more. I'm a foundation whore and wear multiple ones each week, but the Laura Mercier one is perfect for day wear as it has light coverage and if i need a little more coverage I'll whack out the Missha Perfect! The Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Conceal is  MUST, it hides my dark circles a treat and Maybelline Stay Matte powder thrown in to set it all. Deciding on blush was another hard one but in the end it came down to one powder, one cream! Nars Orgasm and Stila Petunia.
Again minimal products for lips and eyes, just enough to tame my brows, do a winged eyeliner and orangey-coral lip! All photographed it looks a hell of a lot more than it really is, i mean... no shadow?!

Hopefully I'll have a nice haul to share soon!

What are your travel essentials?

Thanks for reading!


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