Friday, September 7, 2012

~ Products I won't Re-Purchase ~

Alot of products i use, initially get that first love but over the time i realize they are just not cut out for me.  Today i want to share with you some products i have been loving earlier which are not in the *love* list anymore. I often see, many products i test/use get ignored for reasons i actually don't know before they get  into the corners of my stash which eventually get ignored totally until oneday i realize i need to throw or give them away. So instead of posting a full blown review for the products am not loving right now, here's short quick reviews i thought might be useful  ^.^

Johnson n Johnson Baby Wipes ~
For quite long time i have used these as my go-to quick makeup removal wipes. As much as i love these wipes, i just hate the way they all come out when trying to get one. I simply hate putting those extra wipes that came out into the pack again. I just feel so unclean to use them next time. Probably i would have continued using these if i wouldn't have tried Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes. As opposed to Johnson's, Himalaya wipes are much softer and gentler on skin and not to forget they don't come out in group when you try for one. You want one, you just get one. Oh-my-saviour!! I clearly see myself reaching out to Himalaya than Johnson's in future too.

Sally Hansen Insta-Brite Nail Whitener ~
I bought this under the impression that this one will instantly make the nails bright and all the yellowness would vanish. Maybe like a bleach for nails sort of?? Really was expecting Miracle as it was from Sally Hansen. Now i clearly feel its just waste of money. It never instantly brightened my nails (why that name then???) and though i have been religiously using this under my polish everytime, though i can see it didn't  allow nails to yellow as much as it used to (there's still hint of yellowness though), but it clearly didn't brighten either. And for the price i paid if its just doing that little, i might as well find another solution!!!

L.A.Colors Rapid Dry Top Coat ~
I am a big fan of L.A.Colors when it comes to their Polishes but i definitely burnt my fingers when i picked their Rapid Dry Top Coat. There's nothing rapid about this top coat. It takes much longer time than my fav Avon UV Gloss Guard Top Coat. Sad!!

Yardley of London English Lavender Gentle Cleansing Face Wash ~
I bought this face wash out of fancy. I loved English Rose so much i wanted to try English Lavender too only to realize later thats its not my type!!! I love the way it makes my skin feel after the wash, but fragrance.. it just turns me off!! 

Maybelline Newyork Clear Glow BB Cream (Natural) ~
There was so much hype about the BB creams in general i wanted one to try. And i do have a biased opinion when its time to choose, L'Oreal and Maybelline are my favs all time, and i just like everything about them. So naturally I picked Maybelline when i found one in beauty shop. I did like it initially, but kept it for ocassional use as i felt it always needed that moisturising element before its applied. Just a plain sunscreen never did as base (sunscreen and also moisturiser often makes my skin feel heavy). But after i used it for 3rd time i wasn't sure if its for me. It always left my skin dry makes it look patchy at times!!! ewww..... So i started hunting again and yes i did find something better than Maybelline Newyork Clear Glow BB cream and so for first the time i didn't like something from Maybelline ... 

Jovees Cucumber Skin Toner ~
Again most of the products from Jovees are my fav, like their Gold Facial Kit being the most fav one. So when i wanted a toner and saw one from Jovees i just picked without a second thought only to feel the pinch later that i should have given a second thought after all. Not about the brand but the cucumber one i picked. It has the most awful smell that i can hardly stand myself whenever i used. No doubt i couldn't push myself to use this after second time....

So here are some of the products i won't re-purchase and probably take that run too even if offered for free!!
What about you? Do you have any such products list which you swear you'll never re-purchase??? Let me know in comments....

P.s ~ If you want to get any of these products, just simply leave me a message in the comments section or email me at I would be happy to put them in Blog Sale (except the wet wipes ^.^) !!


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