Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Clarisonic Mia 2 Review/Info

 As promised, here is a post about the Clarisonic Mia 2 (:

I received this as a gift on my birthday it cost about $150 -_- and had been using it for quite sometime now, starting mid June.
The Mia 2 set came with the Mia 2 (2 speed) in Coral, a sensitive skin brush, a charger, traveling case and a sample size of a clarisonic cleanser(not pictured) and a $25 off coupon towards the site plus a 2 year warranty. Ever since I have heard the hype about the clarisonic I wanted to try it. People were saying "Once you use this, You will never use your hands again" that's a huge claim to make so i decided to try it out myself.

The Good:
The box says that it "Cleanses 6X better than with your hands alone" and makes "skin receptive to treatments, lotions and serums" meaning not only does it clear up your skin, but also being able to use skin care products because they are absorbed better is probably one of the best things about this product for me. Another thing that i love about the Mia 2 is how your skin LOOKS and FEELS after you use it. The results for me were amazing you will feel the difference right away. I don't have problematic skin, I get a few bumps here and there and my skin is pretty dry from my laziness of not applying moisturizer or sunscreen. But wow the texture of my skin dramatically changed, you will definitely feel the change in smoothness. I didn't really notice at first, but I was complimented on how my skin looked polished without makeup. It was only a few weeks when I decided to get a magnifying mirror and I actually saw that my pores where clear especially the whiteheads around my nose, I was so happy this meant that the brush head was successful in being able to remove the dirt and makeup.

But another important thing about the clarisonic is that you have to find a cleanser that is compatible with you if you, that product and the mia together can bring the best result. the Mia 2 came with its own sensitive skin brush that is replaceable, My mom actually bought a deep pore brush that worked well for her. I found that the only bad thing about it is it's price, but it is definitely an invesment that can make a difference not only in your pocket. It is recommended that you change the brush head every 3 months, but since i just use it once a day the brush doesn't look like it needs replacement. 2 new brush heads cost about $40.

I'll probably do another post on the Mia 2 since its a bit overwhelming and I probably didn't cover everything but i hope you found this interesting. So if you have any questions just comment them below! I'll answer all of them (: And p.s. I'm not exaggerating anything, I guarantee, you will see a difference. Thanks for reading , have a lovely day!


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