Saturday, September 8, 2012

~ Chitty Chatty ~

  • I am looking for a freelance web designer to re-style my blog, preferably Indian Resident (so its easy to meet over and discuss or atleast talk on phone) but not restricted to India so feel free to ping me even if not Indian Resident.... Email me at
  • I lost some weight, wooohoooo!!! And i got a cash cheque from my Dear H to shop. I absolutely have no clue what i want at this moment.... any suggestions??? *.*
  • Assuming i have very few lipsticks to depend on, i rather bought quite alot recently....... many i haven't even swatched.... LOL *.* (just going through a phase where skin needs time to recover for the weight loss and workouts i have been doing, so expect few of LOTD's *.* )
  • Am also looking for guest bloggers, so if you are interested drop in an email to me with a link to your blog at

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