Tuesday, August 28, 2012

TIPS + TSC = great value, awesome deals!

For all our Canadian fans and friends there will be an opportunity this Friday Aug. 31st to get in on some fantastic deals.  ASK Cosmetics' prices are going up as of Sept. 1st, so your savings will even be greater if you stock up this week.  Every day from now til the shows I will be featuring some of the deals and kits without letting the cat out of the bag.

Today's first sneak peek includes:

ASK Cosmetics' Nailwear shades - today's colour is "Perfect Red" - and the Revival Nail Polish Remover, which has been a customer top-rated product at TSC and QVC for many years.  It leaves your nails feeling silky, soft and hydrated with TIPS Nail Conditioner while removing your polish at the same time.  You have never tried anything like this before!
Here's a look at "Perfect Red" on my nails.  On all fingers there are 2 coats, except for my little finger, which has 3 coats.  So if you would like a much richer shade of the perfect red, then you miht choose to apply that third coat, otherwise 2 coats offer great coverage. 
Well, then I decided to jazz it up a bit.  After viewing so much nail art I wanted to give it a shot.  Using "Perfect Red" as my base shade, I added a diagonal corner in dark blue, that goes by the name "Rich Sapphire".  To top things off I thought a thin coat of Essie's "Pure Pearlfection" would give it a touch of glitter and elegance - the look I was aiming for!

You be the judge - what do you think of this manicure?  Should "Perfect Red" be left on its own or do you prefer the jazzed up version?
Remember to tune in to The Shopping Channel for some of the best offers you have ever seen featuring TIPS Nail Conditioner + ASK Cosmetics Inc. products.  Show date - Fri. Aug. 31st @ 12- 1 pm, 4-5 pm and 7-8 pm.

Thanks a million for stopping by, leaving a comment or even tuning in to the show.  Lisa M


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