Saturday, August 11, 2012

MBS on my Friday

If you know me, I don't usually go out on Friday because I don't like to go out after school!
LOL just kidding, that's a part of it. I just happen to be very #ForeverAlone and I can't find anyone out.
I mean, come on, it's a Friday! Most people already have plans with their loved ones *stabs self*.

The previous friday, I WENT OUT. WITH SOMEONE. :DDDD

Supposedly to meet potential hair sponsor with Huixian (She's my manager but more like a friend so...) at Marina Bay Sands, but in the end, it turned out like a pretty happening Friday hoho. AT LEAST to us xD

 We walked around The Shoppes for a while. It's my first time there! Don't know if you guys been there yet, or maybe I'm the only one living in a kampong super far away from there that I couldn't even be bothered to travel all the way there to look around.

There's Victoria's Secret and Juicy Couture there :OOO

There's a river in MBS!!! HAHAHA and a skating rink!
Reminds me of Genting Highlands and I really like Genting because it's my childhood hangout place with my cousins lol.

Huixian brought me out for a walk. I'm quite amused by the pretty scenery from there....

....So I snapped quite a few pictures like a real tourist.

Not even kidding, I felt like a tourist when I was there because I nearly got lost on my way to MBS! -__-

 It was getting late so we get to see the sun set too!!

 Us, attempting to take a photo of ourselves with all the pretty things behind us wtf.

Not bad! xD

 And this is us attempting to pose for a photo with MBS behind......-_-
Don't laugh at us yet because............


Still got the orange sun-kissed skin HAHAHAHA. 


We walked to Marina Square for dinner!
Suddenly craving for Japanese Cuisine so we went for Sakae Sushi.


Beef Sukiyaki pot!
Super yummy at first but it gets too salty/sweet near the end.
We spent half of our time there waiting for the pot to boil!
The vegetables took hella long to cook too. :(

To make our Friday night even more happening, we went to Sogurt for supper!

One of the best froyo I had so far!
So yes, that marks my awesome Friday night LOL.

Anyway, I bought this super adorb lip gloss by Loreal and it smells like raspberry!

Also bought the Biore Marshmallow foam wash which I told myself not to buy.
It was on a sale so I thought I should try it.

I always have this really awkward moment at the end of every post. I have no idea how to end it.
Okay *waves* bye.

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