Wednesday, August 29, 2012

~ NewU Coral Nail Polish ~ Swatches ~ Review ~

If you remember, i got this polish from Divya @MissEnchanted along with the Giveaway stuff. I am seriously loving this polish. So without much a-do, here's the pics ~

Note ~ color is much brighter than it shows in pics...

I Love ~

  • The color is bright and summery, very cheerful and lovely.
  • To be precise, its lovely coral with undertones of Pink.
  • Its a Cute little bottle, and am eager to check out other colors.
  • Its sheen formula and can skip topcoat (but as a ritual i use for every polish).
I Don't Love ~ 
  • The smell, its quite pungent to my nostrils.
  • The formula is sheer and needs atleast 2 coats of polish to get it little opaque(as long as i love the color i can take it).
  • Bottle should have been bigger, the polish would end soon (as i love this color alot right now ^.^)
  • I don't know where to get these NewU polishes.... grrr!!

Hope you loved what i love!! Any idea where i can grab these polishes online???


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