Thursday, August 16, 2012

Best TIPS of Achieving Great-Looking Nails

Not too long ago I was asked to guest blog.  I thought long and hard about the most interesting topic that would both inform and help the readers, but then I realized why not write about something I know best, namely nailcare.  So, I am sharing it with you today.

Strong, flexible, naturally healthy nails can be yours for pennies a day
Most of us long to have gorgeous-looking hands and nails.  We spend countless hours, not to mention lots of money in our quest to have perfectly manicured nails, whether we pay regular visits to a salon or prefer the DIY mani/pedi in the comfort of our own home.  However, many people don’t realize that the efforts we put into achieving drop-dead nails may be the cause of some annoying, bothersome nail issues.  So, I would like you to begin a new nail adventure, involving nail care practices that promote stronger, healthier nails.  You will have to toss some old habits out the window and develop different ones to benefit the health of your nails. 
·          Never trim, cut or push back your cuticles.  They play a vital role in protecting your nails and act like a seal while putting on the final, more densely compacted layer of skin.  Any stimulating, tampering or massaging of the cuticles cause them to grow down the nail resulting in those ugly, irritating hangnails. 
·         Always trim your nails with good quality fingernail clippers or scissors; avoid shortening them by using an emery board or glass/crystal nail file, which are all abrasive and cause little, white shavings on the ends.  This is proof that damage has occurred and that there are microscopic tears in the nail fibre.
·         Avoid buffing, shining or filing the top surface of your nails as such actions can irritate the cuticles and remove the hardest, most protective layer on top.  You will only weaken the nail tissue by doing this.
·         Never file down the side edges of your nail.  They are like steel beams providing the stability and strength our nails require.
·         If damage occurs (splits, tears, peeling), always shorten the nail to remove all visible damage and start fresh.  Since damage and tears in the nails run much further than we can see, it is best to get rid of this damage before it goes too far.
·         Protect your nails against the #1 cause of dry, brittle nails – namely  water.  Nail tissue is very porous (imagine a sponge) and absorbs water very easily and quickly.  However, water evaporates almost as quickly as it is absorbed.  Most of us expose our hands to water quite frequently during the entire day.  This constant swelling and drying out of the nail tissue causes several nail problems:  dry, brittle, peeling, weak, splitting nails.
·         Remember to wear gloves when cleaning in or around the house as both water and harsh chemicals can be extremely damaging to your nails and hands.

ASK Cosmetics Inc., a Canadian company, introduced a lipid-rich nail treatment solution to the market more than 20 years ago.  TIPS Nail Conditioner has helped millions of nails regain their strength, flexibility, vibrant colours of pink and white while helping cuticles to recede naturally at the same time.
Karen's nails, who is the founder and creator of TIPS Nail Conditioner and ASK Cosmetics Inc.

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